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Mott Capital uses a long-term thematic growth approach developed by Michael Kramer to invest in public equities, searching for investments that both reflect and help to shape generational and demographic shifts. Mott Capital utilizes a philosophy of buying stocks for a 3 to 5-year time horizon, with the belief that a long-term holding period gives themes and companies a chance to develop fully. The long-term horizon also serves to mitigate the risk associated with the short-term impact of market volatility.

In addition to running the thematic growth portfolio, Mott Capital also publishes market commentaries and content searching for ideas on a short-term basis that may result in stock or ETF price movements. Michael uses the skills he acquired as a buy-side equity trader to identify these opportunities, using technical, options, and fundamental analysis. He distributes this content through his subscription service, Reading The Markets, which he started in 2016. Reading The Market uses changes in open interest levels, technical trends, and changes in consensus analysts' estimates and valuation to discover these opportunities.

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