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PortfolioAnalyst - Release Notes 2021

PortfolioAnalyst Release Notes

January 2021

Week Ending January 22, 2021

New PDF Report Changes Applied to IB Canada Annual Report

  • General changes include modern styles, reduced blank space, fewer pages, and faster report generation.

Week Ending January 8, 2021

Changes for Reports in CSV Format

  • Add analysis period and as of dates to each report.
    • Add MetaInfo record discriminator.
  • New Allocation and Performance by Sector report
    • Legacy reports Allocation by Sector and Performance by Sector have been removed and combined into our new Allocation and Performance by Sector report.
    • The allocation section now offers amount and percent change over time. Δ represents change.
    • The performance section now offers MTM performance represented in amount and percent.
  • New Fixed Income report
    • Analyze your bond portfolio with our new Fixed Income report.
  • User will be prompted with message when selecting both Historical Performance/Benchmark Comparison, Performance Statistics/Benchmark Comparison, Risk Measures/Benchmark Comparison.