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Create a Share Allocation Profile

You can create profiles that allocate specific percentages or shares of each order to individual accounts based on the rules you set and values you input.

To create a share allocation profile

  1. On the Edit menu, select Global Configuration.
  2. In the left pane select Advisor, then select Allocation Profiles.
  3. Click Create and enter a profile name, preferably one based on the way you plan to allocate shares between clients.

    Note:  When you create an order, the choices displayed in the Allocation list are grouped by Account Groups, then Allocation Profiles, and then individual accounts. However, they are not identified in any other way. When you create a profile, you may want to include a prefix such as "P" in the name to identify the choice as a profile.

  4. In the Allocation Profile specifies area, select a method of allocating shares between accounts:

  5. Click in the Account field to view all accounts. Select an account and tab over to the Value field.

  6. Enter the percent, ratio or number of shares to be allocated to the selected account (you may need to delete the current value). Tab to create a new account line.

    Note:  If you use percentages to allocate shares, percentages allocated must equal 100. If you use ratios, The system automatically calculates these percentages.

  7. Continue until you have listed all the desired accounts for the current profile, and click OK.