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Creating an Order

You can create an order on any WebTrader page using the Order Management panel. In addition, you can add order attributes of Trailing Stop, Discretionary and Bracket to expand the order types.

You can also create an order on the Market, Option, Scanner or any Product page you create by clicking the Bid or Ask price of an instrument.

To create an order on any WebTrader page

  1. Click the blue arrow or the title [Order Management] in the Order Management Panel title bar.
  2. The Order Management Panel expands to fill the bottom half of the screen.

  3. In the Order Management panel, click the New Order tab.
  4. On the New Order tab, select an asset type by clicking the appropriate tab (Stock, Option, Futures, etc).
  5. In the Symbol field, enter a symbol, then click the Go button, press the Tab or press the Enter key.

    A list of available instruments appears in a drop-down list.
  6. Click the instrument for which you want to place an order.
  7. Enter the rest of the order parameters in the fields provided, including:
  1. You can add attributes to your order once you enter a symbol by clicking the green plus sign (+) located on the left side of the order fields, then selecting the appropriate check box in the popup window. Be sure to click the X button to close the popup window.
  1. Click Preview Order. The order preview shows the amount of the trade, the commission, and what your total initial and maintenance margin and total Equity with Loan Value will be if the trade is executed.
  2. previewOrder.jpg
  3. Click Modify Order to further modify the order, or Submit Order to transmit the order.

If you have Expert Mode turned on (enabled on the Preferences page), you can submit the order without previewing it.