Vermillion on Interactive Brokers

To subscribe to Vermillion, log in to Client Portal, then select Menu - Settings - User Settings - Research Subscriptions (Configure Gear icon) - Current Subscriptions (Configure Gear icon).

Vermilion Insights:

  • Actionable sector and group themes.
  • Provides cyclical and secular investment ideas based on thematic sector and group moves.
  • Ideas are generated through the use of Vermilion's proprietary RSR rankings, and a comprehensive review of individual charts.
  • Ideas are selected on the basis of significant trend inflections, increasing the likelihood for immediate and sustainable performance.

Vermilion Compass:

  • Weekly strategy recap and presentation of actionable themes.
  • Weekly reiteration of Vermillion's top-down investment thesis with updates and a selection of actionable Sector and Group ideas.
  • Provides bottom-up analysis of over 3,000 stocks broken-down by sector and characterized as being in one of six technical cycles.

Vermilion ETF Pathfinder:

  • Comprehensive technical assessment of ETF landscape.
  • Pathfinder offers a comprehensive technical appraisal of the ETF universe.
  • Provides commentary and strategy for ETF investors broken down by asset class, geography and sector.
  • Explores actionable ETF themes, highlighting the most technically significant charts to help investors identify significant trends and their component drivers.

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