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IBKR is the Professional's Gateway to the World's Markets

IBKR is the Professional's Gateway to the World's Markets

Individual Account

This is a general account offered by Interactive Brokers Securities Japan Inc. You can use this account to trade a wide range of products, including stocks, futures and options listed in Japan, CFDs on Japanese stocks and some overseas yen-denominated derivatives. Refer to the Products page for details.

If you wish to open the domestic account, please click on the "Open Account" button on the top right corner of this page, read carefully the "Important Information on Accounts for Clients Residing in Japan", and then select "Japanese Markets" on the "Select an Account Type" page on the account application form.

Please note that we do not currently offer Specific Account (Tokutei-Kouza).

Individual clients are eligible for this account

Individual Account Structures

Account Types: Traders or Investors

  • INDIVIDUAL: Account owned and used by a single person.
Individual Account

Account Information

We offer many client account structures that are designed to meet the specific needs of individual traders and investors, including Individual accounts.

Accounts are accepted from citizens of all countries except those countries or regions that are on the sanction list of the US Office of Foreign Asset Controls or similar lists, or other countries determined to be higher risk. See all available countries.

Minimum Age Requirements:

  • Cash Account: 18 years of age

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When you invest in any of the products listed on our website, you may be required to pay a fee and other costs associated with each product. All products are subject to price fluctuations and other factors that may cause losses. Some products may result in a loss in excess of the principal amount invested. Please be sure to check the fees and risks associated with investing in the products listed on our website, as they are described in the product descriptions, risk disclosures, and other materials for clients on our website.