Please contact the Sales department if you plan to open a corporate account to trade Japanese products with us.

Sales Department Phone: 03-4588-9705
Representative: Kakumaru |

Important: Individual account holders residing in Japan are restricted from trading commodity options/futures ( Crude, Metal, and Agriculture). Note there are no restrictions on Institutional account holders. Both individual and institutional account holders may trade index/Bond/Currency Futures and Futures Options.

IB offers two types of accounts which you may select during the application.

  • IBSJ Account (For Japanese Yen denominated Domestic Products)
  • IBLLC Account (For Overseas Products)

※ Please note that an IBLLC Account does not allow you to trade Products listed on TSE, OSE, and CHI-X Japan.

Important Notes

Please click here for steps to complete your application.

Interactive Brokers Securities Japan (IBSJ) is a reporting financial institution subject to "Act on special Provisions of the Income Tax Act, the Corporation Tax Act, and the Local Tax Act Incidental to enforcement of Tax treaties". Therefore, those who open financial accounts with us are required to submit a self-certification. Please be advised completion of the online application will suffice the above requirement.

Meanwhile, applicants are asked to certify information stated on W-8 form upon opening an account. Please note this new process is to confirm information indicated in the self-certification, and not for external use.

Account information including account balance is subject to reporting, if the customer’s jurisdiction of residence is legally stipulated jurisdiction. Please click Here for more details.

With IBSJ accounts, you are able to trade domestic listed products as well as Japanese stock CFDs. With IBLLC accounts, you are able to trade variety of international listed products including FX. However if you are a resident of Japan, you are unable to trade Japanese domestic products. Please note you cannot transfer funds between IBSJ and IBLLC accounts.

Minimum of 1 million JPY is required to open IBSJ accounts. Minimum of 10,000USD is required to open IBLLC accounts. You would need to do an international wire transfer for funding IBLLC accounts, but JPY can be accepted. Please note you will not be able to do an international wire transfer from Mizuho accounts. You may deposit shares instead of funds of the same amount. However, if there are no transactions after 3 months, you will be charged inactivity fee of 10USD.

Please note Japanese residents that own IBLLC accounts cannot trade Gold futures, oil futures, and other agriculture futures/futures options.

Please go through frequently asked questions before opening an account.

In accordance with the October 1, 2016 amendment of the "Act of Prevention of Transfer of criminal proceeds", applicants classified under Foreign PEPs may no longer apply for an account with IBSJ (Domestic accounts). If non-applicable, please proceed with the application by clicking "continue after confirming the above......" (Should you proceed with the application, you shall be deemed non-applicable).

Foreign PEPs is defined as below:
Those who fall under any of the items below, including those who served in the past and their family members.

  • A position corresponding to the Prime Minister, a Minister, a Vice Minister, or equivalent.
  • A position corresponding to a Supreme Court Judge or equivalent.
  • A position equivalent to Head of the Joint Staff or Vice Chief of Ground Self-Defense Force, Chief of Staff or Vice Chief of Maritime Self-Defense Force, Chief of Staff or Vice Chief of Air Self-Defense Force.
  • The Director of a Central Bank.

*Please contact IBSJ client service (03-4588-9710) if you cannot determine whether you fall under the above.

As Foreign(Non-Japanese Citizen) Ownership is limited by "Civil Aeronautics Act", "Radio law", "The broadcast act", and "The NTT Law", you may not be entitled to the shareholders benefits, as well as be listed as shareholders, in case foreign ownership exceeds the upper limit.

Please click this link for details on holding ratio and other related information.

If you wish to proceed with account opening after reading the above

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