Account Opening Important Notes

We provide individual and corporate accounts for residents of Japan.
Account Type-Individual and Corporate
IB Entity-Domestic account (hereafter called IBSJ) and international account (hereafter called IBLLC).
Please start your online application if you wish to open an individual account with IBSJ or IBLLC.
Please start your online application if you wish to apply for a Corporate IBLLC account
Please contact our sales if you wish to open a corporate IBSJ account.
Masaki Kakumaru

◆Please note following important notes before applying for an account with IBKR.

IBSJ Account:Both front and back side of Residence Card / My Number document

IBLLC Account:Both front and back side of Residence Card

Important-My number

IBSJ-Please be advised submission of my number document is required by Japanese law.

IBLLC-Please be advised you will need to register your "my number" to claim the benefits of the US-Japan tax treaty.

◆Supported browsers

We support Fire Fox, IE or Safari. We do not support Google chrome and Edge, as they can be incompatible with our system.

Please be advised IBKR is a US online securities firm. Given that, you should have basic computer skills, and note that your account will be US regulated. Additionally, your application may be denied if you do not have sufficient understanding of services IBKR provides.

We do not provide "Tokutei accounts" and we only provide "Ippan accounts". Please note IBKR does not give any tax advices, and you will need to file your own taxes.

You may refer to frequently asked questions.

Interactive Brokers Securities Japan (IBSJ) is a reporting financial institution subject to “Act on special Provisions of the Income Tax Act, the Corporation Tax Act, and the Local Tax Act Incidental to enforcement of Tax treaties”. Therefore, those who open or maintain financial accounts with us are required to submit a self-certification. Please be advised upon completion of the online application, you would have fulfilled the requirement by certifying information stated on W-8 form. Please note this new process is to confirm information indicated in the self-certification, and not for external use. Account information including account balance is subject to reporting, if the customer's jurisdiction of residence is legally stipulated jurisdiction.

With IBSJ accounts, you may trade domestic products listed on TSE and OSE, and Japanese shares CFDs.With IBLLC accounts, you may trade international products including FX. Please be advised you may not trade Japanese products with IBLLC if you reside in Japan. You may refer to below link for frequently asked questions.

There is no minimum required to open IBLLC accounts, but minimum of 2,000 USD is required to trade on margin.Monthly Activity Fee for Not Meeting Monthly Minimums Account StructureYou will be required to make an international wire transfer to fund your IBLLC account in JPY. Please ask your bank whether they can make an international transfer to your IB account. Please be advised we charge a monthly activity fee after the first 3 months, if you do not meet one of the below requirements. 100,000USD in equity or if you generate more than 10 (3 USD for employees linked to an employee track account) USD in commissions. Note your shares will be subject to liquidation if you do not have sufficient funds when the fee is assessed.

Individual account holders residing in Japan are restricted from trading gold futures, oil futures, and other agriculture futures/futures options.

Please go through frequently asked questions before applying for an account with IBKR.

Foreign PEPs are defined as below: Those who fall under any of the items below, including those who served in the past and their family members. A position corresponding to the Prime Minister, a Minister, a Vice Minister, or equivalent. A position corresponding to a Supreme Court Judge or equivalent. A position equivalent to Head of the Joint Staff or Vice Chief of Ground Self-Defense Force, Chief of Staff or Vice Chief of Maritime Self-Defense Force, Chief of Staff or Vice Chief of Air Self-Defense Force. The Director of a Central Bank.

Please contact IBSJ client service (03-4588-9710), if you cannot determine whether you fall under any of the conditions stated above.