Hedge Fund Investing Through Your IBKR Account

Hedge Fund Investing

A Path for Discerning and Sophisticated Investors

Browse and invest in participating Hedge Funds operated by third-party managers through a secure, password-protected area on our website.

Interactive Brokers clients who are Accredited Investors or Qualified Purchasers under SEC rules can view information about independent Hedge Funds available through IBKR's online Hedge Fund Marketplace.

  • View and download basic information about participating Funds, including documentation, private placement memoranda and subscription information.
  • Contact the Fund management company or request that the Fund contact you. Once you have made your investment decision and signed the proper documents with the Fund, you will be able to easily transfer funds from your IBKR account to and from the Fund.
  • Hedge Funds who already market their funds to IBKR clients at our Hedge Fund Marketplace can invest in other participating Hedge Funds.

How Can I Participate?

Eligible investors can access the Hedge Fund Marketplace from the Investors' Marketplace, which is available in Client Portal and on our website.

Required Minimum Investment

Eligible investors can invest a minimum of $25,000 USD in a Fund. Note that some Funds require larger investments.

You can redeem a minimum of $25,000 USD or your balance in the Fund, whichever is lower, subject to the Fund's own redemption requirements.

Risks of Hedge Fund Investing

  • The funds listed in IBKR's Hedge Fund Marketplace have not been registered under the securities laws of the United States, any state, or any other jurisdiction. The Hedge Fund Marketplace is not an offer to sell shares of any of the Funds. Rather, the offer to invest in the Funds may only be made by the private placement memorandum for the relevant Fund, and only to investors who meet certain eligibility requirements.
  • An investment in a Hedge Fund is speculative and involves a high degree of risk. Only sophisticated, high net worth investors with a high risk tolerance should participate.
  • The Hedge Funds listed on the website are independent from Interactive Brokers and Interactive Brokers will not supervise their trading decisions or be liable for losses.

IRA accounts are not eligible to invest in participating Hedge Funds.