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Futures Trading

A comprehensive suite of order types, algorithms and trading tools to help you accomplish your trading or risk management objectives.

Tiered Pricing with Rebates
USD 0.25 - 0.85
per contract
plus exchange, regulatory & carrying fees.
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Competitive Commission Pricing

Buy and sell futures at commission rates that are among the lowest in the online trading industry.

Breadth of Product and Geographic Diversification

Hedge a position or speculate on price movements in more than 30 financial markets in North America, Europe and Asia, using the following futures contracts:
  • Agricultural
  • Currency
  • Soft commodity
  • Energy
  • Equity index
  • Fixed income
  • Interest rate
  • Metals
  • Narrow-based indices
  • Single-stock
  • Volatility index futures and more.

Trade futures side-by-side on a single screen with substitute asset classes, such as foreign exchange, stocks, bonds, and options.

Driving Trading Efficiency with Technology

We constantly expand our comprehensive suite of order types, trading algorithms and applications to provide clients with an efficient trading experience.

Seamlessly integrated into Trader Workstation,
SpreadTrader is the single-screen command
center for managing futures positions.


Create proprietary combination order
strategies or choose from multiple
templates with pre-defined programs
to execute futures trades.

Index Arbitrage Meter

Analyze index arbitrage strategies with the
Index Arbitrage Meter, our measurement tool that
illustrates the spread between futures contracts
and their respective spot prices.

Trade a range of futures across multiple market centers, at commission rates that are among the lowest in the online brokerage industry.

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