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Allocation Order Tool

IBKR Allocation
Order Tool

Streamlined Trade Allocation for Advisors

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Interactive Brokers offers a unique trade allocation tool that makes it simple for advisors to trade at the same price for multiple clients.

The IBKR Allocation Order Tool transforms and streamlines the creation, execution, and allocation of group orders. Gone are the hours of setting up an order only to find an error or, even worse, that the market opportunity has passed. Now you can develop and deploy investment strategies in minutes to help capture opportunities in volatile markets.

Allocation Close Up
Allocation Order Tool

The IBKR Allocation Order Tool helps:

  • Use a single screen to quickly enter trade allocations across many client accounts, advisors or strategies
    • Reduce or exit existing positions
    • Increase or open new positions
    • “Rotate” positions (close some and open others almost simultaneously)
  • Increase or decrease positions by a specific percentage, or set per-account allocations by cash balance or buying power
  • Scan advisor accounts, client accounts or strategies invested in a security and filter accounts by position size, market value, percent of P&L, cash balance or buying power
  • Allocate the Total Quantity or Cash Quantity for a user-specified value proportionally (via position, cash balance or buying power), or equally
  • Create and save multiple allocation profiles
  • Modify your order or allocations on the fly

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