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IBKR Metals CFDs

IBKR Metals CFDs

Currency Position Contract Interest Charged/Paid on Open CFD Positions*
USD Long/Short 1 3.071% / 0.071%
(BM +/- 1.5%)

Note: *Index CFD interest is charged at a uniform rate of BM +/- 1.5% regardless of balance. Index CFD balances are not included in the determination of the applicable rate for Share CFDs.

The relevant benchmark rate used to calculate the contract interest rates above can be found on the Interest Schedule page. Contract interest rates are determined by IBKR and may be adjusted from time to time at IBKR's discretion.

Contract interest is always applied in the contract currency of the CFD, and is calculated using the formula:

Contract Interest = I xUPV x N/360 (365 for GBP)
I = The Contract Interest rate
UPV = The Underlying Position Value, calculated as the CFD Daily Settlement Price x number of contracts.
N = The number of days for which the contract interest is being calculated.
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  1. For long open positions, your account will be charged interest. For short open positions, your account will generally be paid interest, except in cases where the contract interest rate is negative. When the rate is negative, your account will be charged interest.