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 Conditional (stk)
 Good After Time (stk)
 Good Till Cancel (stk)
 Good Till Date (stk)
 Good Till Time (stk)
 Hidden (stk)
 Limit If Touched (stk)
 Market If Touched (stk)
 Market * (stk)
 Market To Limit (stk)
 One Cancels All (stk)
 Pegged To Benchmark (stk)
 Scale (stk)
 Stop (stk)
 Stop Limit (stk)
 Trailing Stop (stk)
 Trailing Limit If Touched (stk)
 Trailing Stop Limit (stk)
 Trailing Market If Touched (stk)
(war) warrants(bond) bonds(fut) futures(fop) options on futures(opt) options (stk) stocks
* IB may submit market orders using the exchange's native order type in certain situations.


IB Symbol Product Description (click link for more details) Symbol Currency
1305 Daiwa ETF-TOPIX 1305.T JPY
1306 TOPIX Exchange Traded Fund 1306.T JPY
1308 Listed Index Fund TOPIX 1308.T JPY
1310 Daiwa ETFTOPIX Core30 1310.T JPY
1311 TOPIX Core 30 Exchange Traded Fund 1311.T JPY
1312 Russell/Nomura Small Cap Core Index Linked ETF 1312.T JPY
1319 Nikkei 300 Equity Index Listed Fund 1319.T JPY
1320 Daiwa ETF Nikkei 225 1320.T JPY
1321 Nikkei 225 Exchange Traded Fund 1321.T JPY
1327 S&P GSCI Energy&Metals Capped Component 35/20 THEAM Easy UCITS ETF 1327.T JPY
1328 GoldPriceLinked Exchange Traded Fund 1328.T JPY
1329 iShares Core Nikkei 225 ETF 1329.T JPY
1330 Listed Index Fund 225 1330.T JPY
1344 MAXIS TOPIX Core30 ETF 1344.T JPY
1345 Listed Index Fund JREIT Tokyo Equity Exchange REIT Index BiMonthly Dividend P 1345.T JPY
1356 TOPIX Bear -2x ETF 1356.T JPY
1357 NEXT FUNDS Nikkei 225 Double Inverse Index Exchange Traded Fund 1357.T JPY
1358 Listed Index Fund Nikkei Leveraged Index 1358.T JPY
1360 Nikkei225 Bear -2x ETF 1360.T JPY
1364 iShares JPXNikkei 400 ETF 1364.T JPY
1365 Daiwa ETF Japan Nikkei225 Leveraged Index 1365.T JPY
1366 Daiwa ETF Japan Nikkei225 Double Inverse Index 1366.T JPY
1367 Daiwa ETF Japan TOPIX Leveraged 2x Index 1367.T JPY
1368 Daiwa ETF Japan TOPIX Double Inverse -2x Index 1368.T JPY
1369 One ETF Nikkei 225 1369.T JPY
1398 SMDAM REIT Index ETF 1398.T JPY
1399 Nikko Listed Index Fund MSCI Japan Equity High Dividend Low Volatility 1399.T JPY
1456 Daiwa ETF Japan Nikkei225 Inverse Index 1456.T JPY
1457 Daiwa ETF Japan TOPIX Inverse -1x Index 1457.T JPY
1458 Rakuten ETF-Nikkei 225 Leveraged Index 1458.T JPY
1459 Rakuten ETF-Nikkei 225 Double Inverse Index 1459.T JPY
1460 MAXIS Japan Quality 150 Index ETF 1460.T JPY
1464 Daiwa ETF Japan JPXNikkei 400 Leveraged 2x Index 1464.T JPY
1465 Daiwa ETF Japan JPXNikkei 400 Inverse 1x Index 1465.T JPY
1466 Daiwa ETF Japan JPXNikkei 400 Double Inverse 2x Index 1466.T JPY
1467 JPXNikkei 400 Bull 2x Leveraged ETF 1467.T JPY
1468 JPXNikkei 400 Bear 1x Inverse ETF 1468.T JPY
1469 JPXNikkei 400 Bear 2x Double Inverse ETF 1469.T JPY
1470 NEXT FUNDS JPXNikkei 400 Leveraged Index Exchange Traded Fund 1470.T JPY
1471 NEXT FUNDS JPXNikkei 400 Inverse Index Exchange Traded Fund 1471.T JPY
1472 NEXT FUNDS JPXNikkei 400 Double Inverse Index Exchange Traded 1472.T JPY
1473 One ETF TOPIX 1473.T JPY
1474 One ETF JPX Nikkei 400 1474.T JPY
1475 iShares Core TOPIX ETF 1475.T JPY
1476 iShares Core Japan REIT ETF 1476.T JPY
1477 iShares MSCI Japan Minimum Volatility ex-REITs ETF 1477.T JPY
1478 iShares MSCI Japan High Dividend ETF 1478.T JPY
1479 Daiwa ETF MSCI Japan Human and Physical Investment Index 1479.T JPY
1480 NEXT FUNDS Nomura Enterprise Value Allocation Index Exchange Traded Fund 1480.T JPY
1481 Listed Index Fund Japanese Economy Contributor Stocks 1481.T JPY
1482 iShares Core 7-10 Year US Treasury Bond JPY Hedged ETF 1482.T JPY
1483 iShares JPX/S&P CAPEX & Human Capital ETF 1483.T JPY
1484 One ETF JPX/S&P CAPEX & Human Capital Index 1484.T JPY
1485 MAXIS JAPAN Proactive Investment in Physical and Human Capital 200 Index ETF 1485.T JPY
1486 Listed Index Fund US Bond No Currency Hedge 1486.T JPY
1487 Listed Index Fund US Bond Currency Hedge 1487.T JPY
1488 Daiwa ETF Tokyo Stock Exchange REIT Index 1488.T JPY
1489 NEXT FUNDS Nikkei 225 High Dividend Yield Stock 50 Index Exchange Traded Fund 1489.T JPY
1490 Nikko Listed Index Fund MSCI Japan Equity High Dividend Low Volatility Beta Hdg 1490.T JPY
1492 MAXIS JPX-Nikkei Mid and Small Cap Index ETF 1492.T JPY
1493 One ETF JPX-Nikkei Mid Small 1493.T JPY
1494 One ETF High Dividend Japan Equity 1494.T JPY
1496 iShares USD Investment Grade Corporate Bond JPY Hedged ETF 1496.T JPY
1497 iShares USD High Yield Corporate Bond JPY Hedged ETF 1497.T JPY
1498 One ETF ESG 1498.T JPY
1499 MAXIS Japan Equity High Dividend 70 Market Neutral ETF 1499.T JPY
1540 Japan Physical Gold ETF 1540.T JPY
1541 Japan Physical Platinum ETF 1541.T JPY
1542 Japan Physical Silver ETF 1542.T JPY
1543 Japan Physical Palladium ETF 1543.T JPY
1563 TSE Mothers Core ETF 1563.T JPY
1566 Listed Index Fund Emerging Bond 1566.T JPY
1567 MAXIS TOPIX Risk Control 5% ETF 1567.T JPY
1568 TOPIX Bull 2x ETF 1568.T JPY
1569 TOPIX Bear 1x ETF 1569.T JPY
1570 NEXT FUNDS Nikkei 225 Leveraged Index Exchange Traded Fund 1570.T JPY
1571 NEXT FUNDS Nikkei 225 Inverse Index Exchange Traded Fund 1571.T JPY
1574 MAXIS TOPIX Risk Control 10% ETF 1574.T JPY
1577 NEXT FUNDS Nomura Japan Equity High Dividend 70 Exchange Traded Fund 1577.T JPY
1578 Listed Index Fund Nikkei 225 Mini 1578.T JPY
1579 Nikkei 225 Bull 2x ETF 1579.T JPY
1580 Nikkei 225 Bear -1x ETF 1580.T JPY
1585 Daiwa ETFTOPIX ExFinancials 1585.T JPY
1586 Listed Index Fund TOPIX ExFinancials 1586.T JPY
1591 NEXT FUNDS JPXNikkei Index 400 Exchange Traded Fund 1591.T JPY
1592 Listed Index Fund JPXNikkei 400 1592.T JPY
1593 MAXIS JPXNikkei Index 400 ETF 1593.T JPY
1595 NZAM ETF J-REIT Index 1595.T JPY
1596 NZAM ETF TOPIX Ex-Financials 1596.T JPY
1598 NEXT FUNDS Russell/Nomura Fundamental Index Exchange Traded 1598.T JPY
1599 Daiwa ETF JPX-Nikkei 400 1599.T JPY
1610 Daiwa ETFTOPIX Electric Appliances 1610.T JPY
1612 Daiwa ETFTOPIX Banks 1612.T JPY