Aequitas NEO Lit Exchange Fees

Remove Liquidity 1 Add Liquidity 2
Stock price < $1.00, All CAD 0.0004/share (CAD 0.0002)/share
All Interlisted 株式 only 3 CAD 0.0025/share (CAD 0.0021)/share
Stock price >= $1.00 CAD 0.0012/share (CAD 0.0008)/share
ETF CAD 0.0014/share (CAD 0.0010)/share
On Open CAD 0.0005/share CAD 0.0005/share
On Close CAD 0.0005/share CAD 0.0005/share


  1. Orders that are immediately executed against an existing bid or offer on an exchange's or ECN's order book.
  2. Adding an order to an exchange or ECN's order book before being executed.
  3. A list of 株式 eligible for Interlisted pricing is available from the Aequitas NEO exchange website